ข้อมูล บริษัท

ข้อมูล บริษัท

ชื่อบริษัทAT LINER CO.,LTD.( บริษัท แอท ไลเนอร์ จำกัด)
ประธานบริษัทอาราอิ เทอิชิ (Arai Teiichi)
ทุนจดทะเบียน6,000,000 เยน
บุคคลากร115 คน
จำนวนรถ 【รถบัสปรับอากาศให้เช่า】รถบัสขนาดใหญ่ 5 คัน รถบัสขนาดกลาง 1 คัน ไมโครบัส 1คัน รถตู้ 3 คัน
【รถโดยสารประจำทาง】รถบัสขนาดใหญ่ 39 คัน
หมายเลขธุรกิจท่องเที่ยวการท่องเที่ยวในประเทศNo.107 Osaka Governor Registration No.3-2633
ประเภทธุรกิจธุรกิจบริการรถเช่าทั่วไป และธุรกิจรถโดยสารประจำทาง
ก่อตั้งเมื่อ21 กันยายน 2011
สมาชิกสมาคมรถบัสโอซาก้า, สมาคมรถบัสเฮียวโงะ และสมาคมรถบัสไอจิ
หมายเลขโทรศัพท์สำนักงานใหญ่TEL:050-3785-7361 FAX:06-6599-9782
ที่อยู่5-7-41 มินามิ โอคาจิมะ เมืองโอซาก้า จังหวัดโอซาก้า 551-0021
การจดทะเบียนเครื่องหมายการค้า5595127, 1487877 (การลงทะเบียนออกแบบ)

Group Companies

Sakura Kotsu Co., Ltd.

Sakura Kotsu Co., Ltd. To Website
Daily expressway/overnight bus services from Tokyo to Osaka, Nagoya, Sendai and other destinations! Buses with 3-seat rows and seats with power outlets are very popular. Also operates the local bus route, NATORIN-GO, in Natori City. We also offer bus charters departing and arriving in Fukushima and Miyagi Prefecture, as well as school and company trip shuttles.
On June 29, 2016, we obtained “ISO39001:2012 Road traffic safety (RTS) management systems” certification for our operations at the Tokyo Sales Office and part of head office operations. This made us the first bus operator in the Tohoku region to obtain this certification.
Head office15 Kosenzaka, Shirakawa, Fukushima Prefecture
TEL 0248-22-3323
Koriyama Sales Office49-1 Nishigawara, Kamiyukiai, Tamura, Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture
Fukushima Sales Office52-1 Isasuba Zainiwasaka, Fukushima, Fukushima Prefecture
Wakamatsu Sales Office13 Inter Nishi, Aizu-Wakamatsu, Fukushima Prefecture
Sendai Sales Office214 Dosei, Hongo, Natori, Miyagi Prefecture
Tokyo Sales OfficeEnomoto Bldg., 2-2-7 Shikahama, Adachi-ku, Tokyo
Chiba Sales Office101 Palace Furuta, 1-2-33 Shioyaki, Ichikawa, Chiba Prefecture
Kanagawa Sales Office5-1959 Iriya, Zama, Kanagawa Prefecture

Sakura Kanko Co., Ltd.

Sakura Kanko Co., Ltd. To Website KIRAKIRA-GO
Fukushima Prefectural Governor Domestic Travel Industry Permit No. 2-153 We launched a travel business to coincide with our entry into the sightseeing bus business. We create novel plans that meet contemporary travel needs. In our creative work of developing travel plans as a domestic travel business, we are bursting with ideas as we chase after dreams and inspiration. As well as bus tour plans, which we offer in conjunction with Sakura Kotsu, we also offer a broad range of travel services, from domestic travel arrangements to overseas travel. Every day, we work hard so we can give those dreams and inspiration to many customers.
Head office15 Kosenzaka, Shirakawa, Fukushima PrefectureTEL 0248-22-3326、FAX 0248-22-3328
Sendai Sales Office2-5-11 Tsutsujigaoka, Miyagino-ku, Sendai, Miyagi PrefectureTEL 022-295-3326、FAX 022-295-3328
Koriyama Sales Office49-1 Nishigawara, Kamiyukiai, Tamura, Koriyama, Fukushima PrefectureTEL 024-956-3326、FAX 024-956-3328

Nanko Driving School Co., Ltd.

Nanko Driving School Co., Ltd. To Website
Through driving school operations, we instill in our students an awareness of their social responsibility as drivers. As well as teaching them how to drive, our educational goals are to help them understand traffic safety in both body and mind and to cultivate members of a transport society who will behave correctly. Uniqueness is at the forefront of our business, and we are constantly incorporating new teaching equipment, policies and needs into the management of that business. We have placed particular efforts into our own original driving lesson system, which places utmost emphasis on practical lessons. We hope to be a school that always provides its students with safe driving instruction.
6-236 Ichiridan, Shirasaka, Shirakawa, Fukushima PrefectureTEL (toll-free): 0120-075-255

Nanko Kensetsu Kikai Training School

Nanko Kensetsu Kikai Training School To Website
Official website of Nanko Kensetsu Kikai Training School We will help you obtain your construction machinery licenses. We offer training on a variety of equipment, including small mobile cranes, forklifts, slinging equipment, and vehicles for high lift work. See our website for details.
Shirakawa Training Center6-236 Ichiridan, Shirasaka, Shirakawa, Fukushima PrefectureTEL 0248-22-1234
Koriyama Training Center28-6 Nishigawara, Kamiyukiai, Tamura, Koriyama, Fukushima PrefectureTEL 024-942-0873