Promotion of Transport Safety Management

At AT Liner®, we pursue the following Transport Safety Management based on transport-related legislation and regulations.

1. Basic Policy on Transport Safety

「Safety Above All Else」

With a deep awareness that ensuring transport safety lies at the heart of business management, the Representative Director will play a leading role within the company in ensuring transport safety. The Representative Director will listen seriously to any opinions about safety on the ground and, with a firm grasp of the situation on the ground, thoroughly instill in employees the awareness that ensuring transport safety is of paramount importance.
We will be tireless in our endeavors to improve transport safety through the steady implementation of the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) cycle on transport safety. We will also actively release information regarding transport safety. At AT Liner®, all employees will work as one to ensure transport safety with the safety philosophies of “Top priority on safety,” “Compliance with legislation,” and “Pursuit and continuous improvement of safety.”

2. Priority measures for transport safety

Under the Basic Policy on Transport Safety, we will carry out the following.
  1. We will thoroughly instill an awareness that ensuring transport safety is of paramount importance and comply with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations and Safety Management Regulations.
  2. We will formulate and steadily implement specific plans for education and training on transport safety.
  3. We will conduct internal audits of transport safety and implement corrective and/or preventive measures as necessary.
  4. We will establish systems for communication of information related to transport safety and communicate and share necessary information within the company.
We will cooperate closely with other Group companies, striving together as one to improve transport safety.
When using sub-contractors for management services, we will not behave in any way that would impede the sub-contractor from ensuring transport safety. Further, if in a close relationship with the sub-contractor, such as concluding a long-term contract, we will endeavor to improve the transport safety of the sub-contractor as far as possible.

3. State of Progress in FY2017

Accidents causing injury or death1 (fatal accident)
Accidents causing damage to property34
< Breakdown of location of accidents >
  • Expressway...13 (6 of which while passing through junctions or interchanges)
  • General roads...5
  • Parking lots, inside depot, etc....17
Investigation and response meetings regarding fatal accident
  1. Manager response...Conducted immediately after accident and at end of financial year
  2. Driver education...Conducted as needed since accident
    *Details provided separately
State of implementation of plans for promotion of transport safety
  1. Comprehensive Crew Training
    Kansai Zone - H1: Jun 7; H2: Dec. 13
    Kanto Zone - H1: Jun 21; H2: Jan. 23
  2. Measurement of effectiveness of monthly education...Conducted monthly
  3. Risk prediction program online classes...Conducted as needed
  4. Operational recording and education using digital tachographs...Conducted every trip
  5. Regular medical examinations...Twice annually (summer and winter) for all employees
  6. Sleep apnea syndrome (SAS) testing...Once a year for all crew
  7. Drug testing...Once a year for all employees
  8. Driving record certificates...Obtained for all employees at each sales office
  9. Various managers’ courses...To be taken by all eligible managers
  10. Onboard/curbside instruction...Conducted as needed
  11. Internal audits...Conducted in February-March

4. Transport Safety Goals for FY2018

Elimination of accidents causing death or serious injury
Since its foundation, AT Liner® has declared a goal of “zero accidents causing death or serious injury” and has worked to ensure safe operations. On December 3 last year, however, one of our buses was the vehicle at fault in a fatal accident. In addition to expressing our deepest apologies to the victim and her family, we understand that it is our duty to conduct a full investigation into the causes of the accident and to make every effort to ensure that the same mistake is never repeated. We will engage in transport safety from even more stringent perspectives, in our eternal mission of the elimination of all accidents causing death or serious injury.
50% reduction in number of accidents
In the previous financial year, there were 35 accidents, including one fatal accident. The majority of those accidents occurred when the buses were traveling at relatively low speeds, such as in parking lots or at expressway entrances (ETC lanes), and it is believed that insufficient confirmation of safety was the cause. Taking a lesson from this, with “renewed thoroughness of safety confirmation” at the top of our minds, we have declared a target of a 50% reduction compared to last financial year, with the ultimate goal of zero accidents.
50% reduction in vehicle breakdowns during service
Last financial year, there were 16 vehicle breakdowns during service. Due to the frequency of breakdowns caused by the degradation of plastic and other parts, vehicle maintenance will be conducted even more thoroughly than before, including a more frequent parts replacement cycle. The target for this financial year is a 50% reduction in breakdowns compared to the previous year, with the ultimate goal of their complete elimination.

5. Transport Safety Organization and Command Structure

Safety Management Flowchart